National Conferences


2017 ATAE Summer Conference

Please make sure your calendar is marked for the 2017 ATAE Summer Conference at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO.  

            ATAE Summer Conference:      July 6 – 7, 2017 

            ASNA Summer Meeting:           July 7 – 8, 2017

Due to overwhelming requests from our members and sponsors, we re-negotiated our dates, and adjusted our pattern for this one year, to move the ASNA meeting off of the Fourth of July.  While the site selection committee and Board of Directors initially approved dates over the Fourth with the idea that it would be a unique opportunity to enjoy unusually good rates at the Broadmoor and participate in the property’s terrific Fourth of July and fireworks celebrations, many members responded that it was not their preferred time to travel or meet.  We appreciate your feedback, and are delighted that the Broadmoor was not only able, but willing, to accommodate our shift, with no penalty or rate increase.  The pattern for 2017 will be as follows:

            Wednesday, July 5th:   ATAE Summer Conference Arrivals 

                                                 NEW! Afternoon meeting for ATAE Board of Directors (1:30 – 4:30 pm tent.)
                                                 ATAE Board of Directors and Past Chairmen’s Dinner (same date as before) 

            Thursday, July 6th:       NEW! ATAE Summer Conference Business Sessions (all day, including lunch)
                                                           (same afternoon as before, however we added a morning session and lunch)

                                                 ATAE Summer Conference Welcome Reception and Dinner (same date as before)

            Friday, July 7th:           ATAE Sponsor Recognition Breakfast and Conference General Sessions (same date as before)

                                                ATAE Golf Tournament (same date as before)

                                                ATAE and ASNA Wine Tasting Reception (same evening for ATAE, NEW! evening for ASNA)

                                                NEW! Adjournment of ATAE Summer Conference

            Saturday, July 8th:      NEW! ASNA Summer Meeting (8:00 am – 5:00 pm, including breakfast and lunch – same format as usual, different day)

                                                NEW! ASNA Closing Reception

                                                ATAE Departures

            Sunday, July 9th:         NEW! ASNA Departures

2017 ATAE Winter Meeting

The 2017 ATAE Winter Meeting will be held January 25-26, 2017, at the Hilton Riverside Hotel in New Orleans, LA.

NADA Convention registration has been sent out.  If you would still like to register and don't have your online link, please email Elizabeth Dietz at

ATAE Winter Meeting registration materials will be sent out in November.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

11am - 4pm ATAE Registration

12pm - 1pm ATAE and NADA Director Luncheon

1pm - 5pm ATAE General Session

6pm - 7pm ATAE Reception

Thursday, January 26, 2017

7:30am - 9:15am ATAE Breakfast

9:30am - 11:45am ATAE Annual Meeting

Please click HERE for a 2017 ATAE Winter Meeting business agenda.

Please click HERE for a current NADA Convention registration listing, alphabetical by state.

Please click HERE for a timeline of events going on in conjunction with the NADA Convention.