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Every individual and every voice in any industry is important, but through the combined efforts of many individuals with many voices joined together in associations -- greater benefits are provided and far-reaching changes are made. Associations provide invaluable statistical and clearinghouse information which would not otherwise be available to business and government groups for difficult and timely decision making processes. Associations devote nearly billions of dollars a year to educational projects.

The right to associate is grounded in the First Amendment. Our forefathers understood that only through strong, unified efforts representing many voices could the average American participate in the legislative process. It is the legislative process which has the greatest potential impact on industry and individuals.

ATAE provides members with the tools they need to continually improve the value and effectiveness of services offered to dealer members and works closely with the National Automobile Dealers Association to serve dealers on all levels.

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Mail the completed application to the ATAE headquarters office at:

8484 Westpark Drive
Suite 500
Tysons, VA 22102

Dues Schedule

Total Association Membership Amount

# of Dealer Members Dues
1 - 75 $250
76 - 150 $400
151 - 300 $550
301+ $750