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  • 2021 ATAE Legislative Conference, October 26-27, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Chicago, IL

  • 2021 ATAE Communications & Public Relations Focus Group Meeting, November 3-5, Renaissance Hotel, Nashville, TN

  • 2022 ATAE Winter Meeting, March 9-10, Encore Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

  • 2022 Group Benefits Focus Group Meeting, April 20-22, Renaissance Downtown, Charleston, SC

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ATAE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

Whereas recent events and our nation's ongoing and important conversation about racism, discrimination and social justice, have highlighted the need for organizations, including Automotive Trade Association Executives (ATAE), and the industries they represent, such as the U.S. automotive retail industry, to rededicate themselves to the goals of increasing diversity, equity and inclusion within their purviews; and 

Whereas ATAE, which includes more than 100 executives who collectively represent over 16,000 franchised new car and truck dealers, has an obligation to lead the industry it represents by example; and

Whereas, ATAE is comprised of individual associations, with hundreds of employees, representing an automotive retail industry that is made up of businesses and a workforce that reflect the diverse population and communities served in metro and rural markets across North America; and

Whereas ATAE respects the autonomy of every state and local automotive trade association to operate under its bylaws, rules and policies; and 

Whereas ATAE believes a commitment to increasing diversity and fostering greater levels of equity and inclusiveness within its membership and programing is imperative for its continued growth and evolution;

IT IS THEREFORE HEREBY RESOLVED that ATAE is committed to being a strong supporter of diversity, equity, and inclusion, including increasing diversity and fostering equity and inclusion within its own organization wherever possible.

Chairman's Message

Thank you for honoring me as Chairman of ATAE for 2021.  I hope to live up to the examples set by the many great ATAEs who have come before me in this position.  I believe strongly in ATAE and the work our dealer members have entrusted to us.  While the responsibility to protect and assist our dealers is great, I believe that both individually and as a group we are up to the task.  ATAEs are strongest when we work together.  When I think of the challenges that lay before us, I know that collectively we have the ability to overcome and even thrive through any situation.  As NADA also transitions to new leadership, one of my goals is to help make that transition a success for NADA, ATAE and future ATAE chairs.  In addition, challenges like factory issues, auto shows, franchise protections, and the emergence of electric vehicles are just some of the things I would like to work on in 2021.  I hope all ATAEs will feel comfortable contacting me any time this year to discuss any issue.  Thank you all again for your confidence and support.

Scott Lambert
2021 ATAE Chairman

NADA Press Release of ATAE Chairman